Diálogos en inglés 1 – Supermercados

Here’s our first podcast! In this episode we talk about some of the differences between English and Spanish supermarkets. Which do you prefer? Leave a comment below if you’ve noticed any more. 🙂

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62 thoughts on “Diálogos en inglés 1 – Supermercados

  1. WOW!! I surprised when you two talked about the “Milk-man”, I thought only that happen in the movies hehe.. I like your programs, your methods, your way to teach, it’s amazing!!
    This is my fist day in “amigosingleses.com”, but I already watched some of your videos in YouTube.

    I don’t like my avatar!! u.u

  2. Hi my friends. I listen to you!!!! Also I had been to watch the videos at Youtube.
    My name is Napoleón Roman, my english level is basic but your videos and Podcats are very nice.

    The last video I have learned this greeting… How have you been? or What have you been to up?

    I live in Costa Rica

    • Hi Napoleon! Nice to meet you! Here’s another good one: ‘How’s it going?’ Have a nice day!

      • Thanks. I use that greeting, too. I will see you in the videos on Youtube.

        • And don’t forget to listen to all the episodes of our podcast! 😉

  3. I can understand almost at whole podcast… When you started to talk about of self service or check service i’d some problems to keep going of conversation… thanks guys… I’m very bad to hear and speak the English… I’d appreciate your recommendations…

    • Hi Christian, you need to keep listening to the parts you don’t understand and you can slow it down using the speed button on the player. Also don’t forget the worksheets and transcriptions are available in our shop. 😉

    • Hi Vale, you can download them on the ‘podcast’ app on IOS or on ‘Stitcher’ on Android phones. Or if you want to download them onto your PC or MAC you can click on the button on the right of the player.

    • Hola Diego,

      Las transcripciones están en nuestra tienda. Puedes descargar el pack de 20 worksheets que incluye las transcripciones de los audios de Seasson 1 (Audios del 1 al 20). También incluyen preguntas de comprensión, ejerecicios con respuesta, vocabulario y Cool English.

      Puedes comprarlas en http://www.amigosingleses.com/tienda

      Para cualquier pregunta no dudes en escribirnos.

      Un abrazo!

  4. No, it was not that, you asked him what they could buy, and Phillip answers you could buy lasagna, shepherd pie, you could buy “fish and chips” more exactly he says it on the fifth and twenty seventh second. (5:26)

  5. I´ve got a question, in the middle of the video phillip says that the things they did not have in fish counter they had it on snacks and does he say fish and chips? is that some kind of there in England, I would like to know that

    • Hello José!
      He says that they have more snack in the UK than in Spain, they have chocolate and crips (patatas fritas de bolsa).
      Was this what you meant?:-)

      • No, it was not that, you asked him what they could buy, and Phillip answers you could buy lasagna, shepherd pie, you could buy “fish and chips” more exactly he says it on the fifth and twenty seventh second. (5:26).

  6. Hola chicos! Felicidades por vuestro trabajo ayudáis a muchísima gente. Mi ingles es muy básico y very bad diría yo, y aunque leyéndolo me defiendo escuchándolo me cuesta mucho entenderlo. Estoy haciendo un curso de administrativo ello conlleva aprender inglés, y quería preguntaros si podíais hacer un audio de administrative aassistan( diálogos de oficina, o algo parecido a una administración) Gracias

  7. Hi Phillip. I intended to buy the worksheets from your audios but I had some problems to complete the operation. Have you this material available in bookshops in Argentina?

  8. Hi i’m Julio Velázquez from Cuba i am living in Spain I’d like to know if you have more audio podcasts tgey are very good and interesting. I see only the number one.
    Good bye!

  9. Hola Isabel y Phillip,
    Os descubrí hace una semana por casualidad y estoy “enganchada”, cada dia al llegar a casa me conecto para mirar algún video. Ayer compré las transcripciones de los podcast y hoy he escuchado el primero… Me ha gustado mucho y estoy supercontenta porqué he entendido bastantes cosas sin mirar las transcripciones !
    Lo hacéis muy bien i muy ameno ! Es una manera genial de aprender inglés.

    Ya tengo ganas de escuchar otro más mañana.
    Un gran trabajo


  10. Hi guys, greetings from Buenos Aires Argentina. I’m lovely with their videos and audios. You help me a lot of. Never follow to make it. Since. I have met your channel, I can’t stop watching it. My english is improving everyday. I’d that you make a video about when I have to use some, any, other and another. Thank you

  11. Hi! Phillip and Isabel
    I really love your videos are so fun and easy to understand, I had lernd much whit you by the way please you continues doing the audios are very good!

  12. execelente su work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sigan asi:::::::::::::::

  13. Sois la caña! Me encantáis! Tengo el inglés atravesado y habéis conseguido que aprenderlo sea algo natural! Hacéis un tándem perfecto! Mil gracias por vuestro trabajo!

  14. You are amazing guys, your postcasts are fantastic and we can improve everyday with them, I am very pleased to hear it, definitely the best way to improve a language is practicing at all times, congratulations Phillip and Isabel, you are doing very well!! keep going!!

  15. Por medio de este comentario quiero decirles FELICIDADES!, Me gustan mucho sus videos y sus podcast, Es que no solo es la forma que enseñan , es como nos muestran la vida diaria en diferentes lugares.
    Una vez mas FELICIDADES !

  16. Hola Philip e Isabel! Soy de Argentina y es un gusto escuchar sus audios y ver sus videos. Realmente me ayudan muchísimo a mejorar mi inglés. Thans for your help in this way!!!! and I am wating more anda more videos and audios!!!!

  17. Buenas noches Isabel y Phillip! Soy nueva en sus clases de Inglés. Quiero darles las gracias por compartir con nosotros sus conocimientos. Me gusta mucho la forma como explican, les envío un súper abrazo y espero aprender mucho. Lucy

    • Thanks Ernesto! We’d love to come to Colombia one day and dance salsa! Hopefully one day! 🙂

  18. Hola Isabel y Phillip! Soy nueva en sus clases de Inglés, me encanta la forma amena ,de enseñar de uds.espero aprender y tener buena pronunciacion.gracias por sus videos.

    • Hello Jesus and welcome! Thanks for your comment. We’re happy to help you. Take care! 🙂


  19. Hello Isabel, hello Philip i like to hear us listennings , i sound very well .
    Just this moment i donwnload yours listenning .

    I hope learnt speak english better.

  20. Hola buenas!! no puedo descargarme los audios. Cuando doy a descargar solo me lo reproduce. Como lo puedo hacer? mil gracias por toda vuestra ayuda!!

    • Hello Marta, tienes que hacer click con el botón derecho y selecciona “bajar” del menu. Thanks for listening! 🙂

      • Muchas gracias! lo acabo de solucionar, era por el explorador que utilizo, que no me da la opcion. Desde otro equipo ya lo he conseguido. Gracias por vuestra ayuda!

        • Hola Marta, ¿Qué explorador has utilizado para descargar los archivos? que me pasa lo mismo que te pasaba a ti, sólo se me reproducen.

  21. i like this podcast why its helps me to going of less to more improving

  22. Greetings
    I would like to help me with a song in English I would like to know the song title

  23. Thank you very much for your videos, they are great, fun and funny. I´m learning a lot with them, and I imagine that not only me, a lot of people are doing.

    Please, continue doing this kind of videos and above all the pronunciation videos in which you explain the diferences between Spanish and English sound and the way to make it.

    And finally,if you could tell me what I have to search on the net to know the sound that usually you have to pronounce when one word have several letters, I would be very pleased. I mean, for example the words that finish in “er” sound as “schwa”.

  24. su pagina es genial , sus audios me ayudan mucho a practicar mi ingles sigan publicando mas audios , realmente los felicito

  25. Buenas! Me gustan vuestros podcasts pero me gustaria disponer de sus transcripciones para no perder el hilo en determinandos momentos. Gracias por el trabajo

    • Hola Carlos, estamos haciendo los transcripciones ahora. Estaran disponibles “as soon as possible”. Gracias por visitar! See you soon!