7 thoughts on “Diálogos en inglés 4 – Dos cuentos cortos

  1. Phillip and Isabel good job, thanks for everything and I am going to follow us, for a long time

  2. I really enjoy your job, you are amazing!! i am learning English for you at home :) thanks Isabel and Phillip

  3. jajajajaj pensé lo mismo cuando Isabel dijo que el hombre tiró la estrella de mar a la cara de la mujer ! ajajja gracias por aportar con estos materiales, así se aprende de forma más amena. Saludos!

  4. Hi :-) I found this podcast in I tunes while I was trying to find some thing to practice my listening…and I loved it… It`s interesting and it has a lot of things that we’re practicing in this moment in my english class. Thank you very much!!

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