Diálogos en inglés 7 – Ecce Homo Fresco

Hoy hablamos del fresco Ecce Homo, retocado “ligeramente” por una adorable anciana de Borja, Zaragoza, España, que sin quererlo, ha causado una gran polémica y ha hecho que su pintura haya dado la vuelta al mundo en cuestión de horas. ¡Ya quisieran muchos artistas tener esta repercusión mediática!



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6 thoughts on “Diálogos en inglés 7 – Ecce Homo Fresco

  1. I went to visit the Ecce Homo last March. I think that if this wasn’t for this woman, who made a terrible mistake, nobody would know this fresco, only those who live around knew it. I went to see it because of all the publicity that has been done regarding it. It was such a nice hike. I’m from and I live in Zaragoza and it was a good opportunity to spend the day off. Apart from this fresco, now worldwide known, there are other things to visit. I really liked the monastery, El Monasterio de la Misericordia, where the chapel in which the fresco is, is situated.
    Regarding Cecilia, I know somebody who knows her,,and who says that she is a really good artist and that she really had horrible moments after what happened. I think she won’t never paint again because her self-stem is destroyed….poor woman…however I need to say to her thanks because I really spent such a good day visit Borja. Thank you Celicia!

    • Hi Anna, thanks for your comment. It sounds like a nice place to spend a day off. We hope Cecilia is feeling ok now. She has helped put Borja on the map, I hope she can see the funny side. 😉

  2. You have 3 h by car (312 km) from Madrid. Borja is situated 64 km from Zaragoza.

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  4. Hi Phillip and Isabel!!
    I´m from Borja, Zaragoza, Spain and I found us on youtube last summer. I did´t know that you have this web but now I hope to spend a lot of time here to improve my english.
    I´ve listened this podcast about our very famous Ecce Hommo, we were very happy last year because Borja was in all TV programs but I´d like to say that my village is also famous for other kind of things as the wine or for ours “fiestas patronales”.
    I´d like to invite you to visit this beautiful village. I´ve an idea, you could record an english video here if you like.

    Thanks a lot. Bye bye

    • Hello Miguel, thank you for your comment. I’m sure Borja is a beautiful place and we’d love to try some wine from Borja. If we are ever near your village we’ll come and say hi. How far is it from Madrid? 🙂