Diálogos en inglés 9 – Nuestra Ciudad Preferida

Isabel’s painting of Gran Vía

En este podcast hablamos sobre nuestra ciudad favorita. Te contamos curiosidades, cosas que hacer, lugares de interés, anécdotas y experiencias propias en una de las ciudades más atractivas del mundo. Como dijo Joaquin Sabina en su famosa canción: “Allá donde se cruzan los caminos, donde el mar no se puede concebir, donde regresa siempre el fugitivo, pongamos que hablo de Madrid”

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4 thoughts on “Diálogos en inglés 9 – Nuestra Ciudad Preferida

  1. Philip, you must know the Linares tapas before you say “Madrid s tapas are the best in the world”, lol. Linares (Jaen)

  2. Aw thank you very much Isabel. It is very kind of you. I am so sorry for my late reply, I have been a little bit busy. I am trying to improve my english, I am thinking about preparing the Cambridge exam. I have made a level interview with an irish teacher and he told me I am in C1 level!!! I cannot believe it! it is much more I thought I could get… and of course It will be a pleasure to take you around my city! it would be great to meet you both! Well, I hope to see you in a next video soon. Take care and un abrazo gordo (en español) 😛

  3. Hello Mary!

    Thank you so much! I have been to Cordoba! It’s wonderful! I really liked the Mezquita, the Arabic baths and the food of course!

    I will take Phillip at some point, maybe you can take us around! By the way, your English is good!

    A big hug from Cambridge 🙂

  4. Hi, I just have heard this marvellous podcast and well my suggestion for you is to visit my city if you still haven’t visited it yet. Its name is Córdoba and it is in the South of Spain. Of course Isabel will know where it is hehe. Córdoba is a very beautiful city with a lot of monuments and a huge culture. The food is yummy and you can have a lot of fun too 😉
    Hugs xx 😀