Diálogos en inglés 10 – Vivir en el Reino Unido

En este podcast hablamos sobre algunas diferencias entre la vida en el Reino Unido y España. Por supuesto el tiempo y la comida, pero Phillip le pregunta a Isabel sobre las demás cosas que le han sorprendido desde que vive en Inglaterra y además Isabel le ha hecho esta misma pregunta a sus amigos españoles de Cambridge. ¿Qué diferencias has notado tú?

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11 thoughts on “Diálogos en inglés 10 – Vivir en el Reino Unido

  1. I was in England last week and now I understand the things that you talk about in this podcast. Something that surprised me a lot was that there was foxes in the streets! I had never saw a fox in real life, and I liked a lot 🙂 And the squirrel were very big, in Andalucía we don’t have squirrels in freedom (I believe…) and in pets shops they aren’t so big!

    • Good observations! We do have a lot of urban foxes and the squirrels in London are very big and pretty tame too. 😉

  2. UK and Spain are very different, both have their charm. Very interesting postcast, mainly for the people who want to go to UK like me for a while. I also consider that you describe a topic of each country but it also depends of the personality of everyone but yes, you are right. Congratulations, good job!

  3. Really good comparative, it’s very nice listening about your experiences in other country!! Good Luck!!