Diálogos en inglés 12 – Arte Callejero

En este podcast hablamos de Street Art, recorremos las paredes de las calles del este de Londres y te contamos todo sobre los autores de estas obras de arte. Haz click aquí para ver las fotos que hicimos en el street art tour de Londres.

Photos of our tour

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5 thoughts on “Diálogos en inglés 12 – Arte Callejero

  1. hello Philip and Isabel,you are a great help for me ,Im working and ¨hearing your english audios ,all the time, trying to learn more and more,
    thanks.Excuse me in the future I”ll writte beter .Ha Ha

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  3. i like this pictures and the street´s art,but desafortunately there are some people who don´t believe in that.in my village close to Sevilla,for example,the people don´t want to see the walls painted because they don´t consider art and they always say…if you paint the walls you should clean them!…i respect their decisions and opinions,but i really like this art and i think in the south of Spain where i live,there are close mind and the best is to have the open mind for all things and apreciate all,because there are a lot of people who can to create beautiful and wonderfull things…there are geourgeus persons and much people don´t apreciate that! and in my opinion,we should apreciate all things in the world!

  4. You make a great team Philip and Isabel…i like your web site…greetings from San Andres Tuxtla Veracruz, Mexico…I studied English for a long time but I do not practice it frequently, and you are helping me to do it in your web site…after all i would like to practice it with you speaking…hope to do it soon, besos from Mexico…My name is Salim Morales Agustiniano.