Diálogos en inglés 17 – Propósitos

Esperamos que hayáis empezado el año con buen pie. 🙂

En este capítulo hablamos de nuestros propósitos y damos unos consejos que os ayudarán a cumplir los vuestros.

Nuestros propósitos

We wish you all the best for 2013. Enjoy!

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11 thoughts on “Diálogos en inglés 17 – Propósitos

  1. Hi Guys! It was nice to hear your resolutions, but as I see, it was on 2013 so what about coming to South America? Have you been here? We would like if you come to South America, you are very welcome in Colombia, my son have learnt with you both and a few weeks ago I had a conversation more or less good with some people who came to Colombia from UK, so I have to say thank you so so much because I have learnt a lot and I’ve also lost a little bit the fear of speaking in english… Have a good day!

    • Hi Angelik! Wow time flies! It’s so nice to hear that you and your son have been learning with us! We are still trying to find the right time to come to South America. We want to try Salsa dancing in Colombia and travel all around. Perhaps for our honeymoon. We need to start planning it I think. 🙂

  2. Thanks for every podcast. I am trying learn ingles. I enjoy every video your.

  3. Thanks for your podcast. I am trying to learn ingles. I enjoy every podcast.

  4. Hi, it’s interesting how people try new resolutions every year. Some years ago i thought it wasn’t important but it is, it’s necesary to have resolutions every year, no matter if we don’t get everything, the best is to try it. I’ll be happy if i get one of them. Anyway i’ve had a good time listening to Isabel and Phillip, i’ll keep listening

    • Thank you Amalia! We are glad you enjoyed this podcast, post your resolutions on our foro if you like 🙂

  5. Love all your podcasts and this was absolutily fantastic, you both really made me smile. I hope you both achive all your resolutions,specially to learn to cook croquetas, if you want I have a very easy and delicious recipe from my mum, which is worth try to cook it (it is right to say like this? merece la pena intentar concinarlas?)

    • Hi Lourdes! Thanks for your comment! We love to make you smile. “They’re definitely worth trying to cook!” suena mejor. Feel free to share your mother’s recipe in our forum!!! We’d love to read it! Take care Lourdes 🙂

  6. Hi! Isabel and Phillip!

    My ten resolutions are: 1. I’m going to learn much more English. 2. I’m going to buy a professional camera 3. I’m going to know a country 4. I’m going to contact to Phillip for some custom classes 5. I’m going to paint, one, two or three pictures ( I hope that I reach the time) 6. I’m going to gym (done, for now hahaha) 7. I’m going to know new friends 8. I’m going to change of work (I should begin for this) 9. I want experience a regression 10. I’m going to enjoy each moment of the life. Maybe could to write more, mmmm…. I will to think about this.

    I hope all your resolutions are realized. hugs

    Sorry for my mistakes, I promise to improve.

    • That sounds really good! I would like to see some of your paintings! Which country are you going to visit? England? 🙂