En este video repasamos unos phrasal verbs comunes y despues practicamos con una conversación en inglés.

Phrasal verbs

  • We’re running out of milk.
  • I’m looking forward to going on holiday.
  • Can you pick me up from the train station please?
  • Tomorrow we’re going to London. We have to set off at 10:00.
  • They’ve found out who the murderer was.


Isabel: Hello Phillip, how are you?

Phillip: I’m fine thank you. Actually I’m very excited because tomorrow I’m going on holiday. I’m really looking forward to my holiday. I’ve been waiting a long time so tomorrow I’m going to Mykonos.

Isabel: oh lovely! Nice weather! And where are you flying from?

Phillip: I’m flying from Stansted airport. Tomorrow morning I’m setting off at 06:00.

Isabel: Ok so are you meeting someone at the airport? Is someone coming to pick you up?

Phillip: Yeah when I arrive in Mykonos somebody from the hotel is going to pick me up and take me to the hotel.

Isabel: do you know where the hotel is? Which side of the island? Which part of the Island?

Phillip: It’s in the main town, in the city centre.

Isabel: So you still need to find out exactly where it is.

Phillip: Yeah I’m not sure exactly but..

Isabel: I’m sure the taxi driver will know. You’ll be fine. But I think you look very very white so the sun is quite strong in the Greek islands so if I was you I would put some protection because when you come back to England you’ll be red as a crab.

Phillip: Yes I need to get some suncream. Oh that reminds me I’ve run out of suncream I need to get some before I go.

Isabel: Yes you should. So ok I’m quite jealous now but enjoy your holiday.

Phillip: Why don’t you come? You can come with me if you want.

Isabel: Ok yeah why not! Let’s go!

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