16 thoughts on “Aprende inglés – Shopping in Cambridge

  1. hello Phillip and Isabel, Me parece interesante su pagina , aunque apenas la estoy conociendo me ha llamado la atencion, Muchas gracias por sus videos.

    Me gustaria saber unas 5 ciudades donde se puede encontrar mas facil trabajo y las menos costosas para vivir..Muchas Gracias

  2. ¡ Hi lovely couple ! I like a lot your videos, I try to learn and improve my English, are useful for me .-
    I miss you Philip, you were a great help for me in Cambridge.-
    Be happy ,the Spanish girls are the best

  3. Dear Philip and Isabel,
    I have just find your web and it seems very funny and useful. Congratullation.
    At the moment, I’m on sick leave and I’ve decided to refresh my English. I haven’t studied English for 15 years !!!
    The best present I have ever received was a trip to Canada with my sister. I was 25 years old. I’ll never forget it.
    Best regards

    PS. Beautiful Cambridge. Maybe i’m going to visit it next September with my husband. The best way to improve my English.

  4. Hi Philip and Isabel! Firstly, congratulations for your website. I found you by chance!!!
    I was surfering by Internet looking for a good method to improve my english and I got very surprised when I watched your videos because in my opinion and after having a lot of different english teachers I think you both are the best! I learn a lot of real english.You are very very friendly too. I love to enjoy when I am learning cos it is easiest for me.
    You remind me a bit to me a few weeks ago cos I am spanish and I had an english boyfriend. I am not in a relationship anymore thou 😛
    I used to visit England as well and I really love it. I am going to miss it a lot now that I don’t have anyone there.
    Upps sorry, I am telling you my private life and I still haven’t written which was my best/worse present! hehe.
    The worse present of my life was a super tiny wallet. Not very useful, that’s the truth.
    The best present was photo camera.

    Congratulations again! Byeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you very much Mary for your kind words!

      I hope you’ll find another English boyfriend. English boyfriends are the best because they are gentlemen and you can improve your English a lot 😛

      See you soon and take care!

  5. Hi so jealous of your shopping trip in Cambridge. My husband said that the seat/saddle on Isabel’s bike is too low. Watched the tea stop in Grantchester with Alba yesterday….she liked the word annoying. Your Spanish is helpful to me too, I am not fluent but I can talk to my Spanish neighbours and make myself understood. Alba will return to Barcelona at the end of the holidays with a better understanding of the English language. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more videos, they make me laugh!

    • Thanks for watching Anna and Alba! Isabel’s saddle might be a bit low so I’ll have to check it for her later. I’ll probably have to put some air in the tyres too. Where do you live in Spain? We want to move back to Spain soon as we’ve been in Cambridge for 3 years now.

  6. My best birthday was my doll,Andrea and the worst was a CD about salsa.I don’t like salsa

  7. Phillip you look like Charly from Lost (Tv Serie)!! Congratulations for this video, is very funny.
    The best present I have ever received was the Play Station One. 🙂