3 thoughts on “Aprende inglés – Preposiciones (English prepositions)

  1. Hi! My name is Ave! I’m studying English. Congratulations for your blog!! I’ve just discovered yesterday and it’s really good, thanks!! I’m interested in improving my English and I’m passionate about children. I’m keen on cooking. I’m very similar to my brother. I don’t believe in ghosts.

  2. My name is Alicia. I´m interested in speaking English very well. I´m keen on reading books and going to the cinema. I´m afraid of heights. I´m very similar to my father and I´m very different from my sister. I´m really good at swimming and cooking. I´m very proud of my mother. I´m passionate about modern art. I usually go out on saturday night, but it depends on the weather. I´m worried about my future. I believe in ghosts.

  3. My name is Monica, I’m studiying English. I’m interesting in improving my English. I have an exam tomorrow and I’m worried about it.I’m good at in Lisening, grammar and speaking but I’m not good at writting compositions.