7 thoughts on “Aprende inglés – De paseo en bicicleta por Londres

  1. I stayed in London in 1989 and I remember a place called Waterloo bridge, it is on the river thames, maybe it´s not the most beautifull place in London but it´s my choice. Congratulations again for your nice video.

  2. hello your videos really help me a lot thanks
    I love you always answer comments thanks
    isabel i love you 🙂
    keep it up

  3. hi! it looks like you had a great time cycling in london!! i love this video of you both enjoying yourselves! xx

  4. Hello Philip and Isabel! thanks a lot for your videos. I learn very easily with your method and I enjoy as well a lot. Well, my fave place of London is Hyde Park because I don’t have such an amazing park where I live. It is so huge and beautiful…I would love to have the chance to visit London and Hyde Park as much as I would like but unfortunately I am not able to afford it.
    Well, take care and keep teaching us please. You both are very friendly and great teachers.
    Til the next video!!! byeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! 😀

  5. Hello, I went to London last year, in December. It was really nice, every night I walked throught Hyde Park. Because next Christmas there was nice life music, funfair… really fun!!!

  6. My favourite place in London is Candem town. You can enjoy seeing odds things and taste nice food and tea. There is a place where you can eat sitting on a toy motorcicle looking at the river and the birds which are really close to you applying for your meal. jeje.