10 thoughts on “Aprende inglés – Phrasal Verbs 5

  1. Hi guys !!!!
    It is possible that, did I see to Phillips in Madrid (Gran Vía) the last Wednesday? or i,m definitely crazy …
    Thanks for your videos, I love it and I,m improving my English 🙂

    • Hello Liz, YES you saw me! But why didn’t you say hello? Did you see Isabel too?

      • OHHHH my god !!!! I was driving, it´s was in narrow street perpendicular to Gran Vía and I could´t park my car also you´re going in opposite direction to me.
        You were going alone, Isabel wasn´t with you.

        ¡ Que pena ! me tiro de los pelos (este idiom no lo se decir en inglés) 🙁

  2. Is in this space where I have to do my Homeworks?
    Thanks Philips I like a lot your videos

  3. When I get late with some friend. I make up some excuse to she doesn’t fall out with me!
    I have to give up to smoke if I want be pregnant.

    You´re the best XD!

  4. I turned up late on my sister’s wedding
    I would to give uo to sleep too much
    I have fallen out with my best friend because she thougth that I was hanging out with her boyfriend but we were preparing her birthday’s party
    always whwn I arrive late of my work I make up excuses.

    thanks for yours videos are so usefull

    • Thanks for doing your homework Angela! Good student! You should say: “I need to give up sleeping too much” 🙂