18 thoughts on “Aprende inglés – Aventura en España

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    When I’m abroad, I miss the Spanish sunflower seeds … you know, the crunchy ones with hull. I haven’t seen them here in England.

    Today, I’ve learnt a new expression: “To be peckish”

    Many thanks for your video guys ^^

    Maria (Spain)

    • Hello! Yeah why do English people don’t eat “pipas”! I think is because they don’t sit outside on a bench and just chat because it’s too cold

  2. Hello friends, i was looking for some video to improve my british english i’ve learned in Argentina and when i found yours y felt so happy because it´s great to learn this way, your conversations are so natural and the way you explain new words is really helpfull.
    I love this language and i hope some day to manage to speak the way you do.
    Congratulations for your work,
    Claudio Alejos
    Buenos Aires

  3. OOOH!!I really like this video!!It was so amazing when i saw my town,Ávila!thank u guys!!! :)))

  4. Hola Phillip e Isabel, estoy aprendiendo ingles,y desde que veo vuestros videos he avanzado mucho. Sois geniales y muy graciosos. El final de este video lo mejor! Jajaja. Felicitaciones. Seguir así que sois estupendos. Venir a Zaragoza que estáis invitados. Besicos

    • Hello Chema! Gracias por tu comentario 🙂 Nos alegra mucho saber que estás aprendiendo inglés. El final fue haciendo el tonto en el avión y cuándo estábamos editándolo a Phillip se le ocurrió esa broma, humor inglés, jeje. Gracias por ver nuestros vídeos. También tenemos audios por si no los has escuchado. Tell your friends 🙂 Thank you!!! Besicos from Cambridge

  5. i miss the mexican food, friends and family like Isabel. nice video

  6. hey guys you never reply to me u.u” W.e nice day:D_
    Kevin from Peru

    • Hola Carol! Muchas gracias, bueno la intención es enseñar inglés en primer lugar, pero también que sea divertido. How is your English? 🙂 Thanks for watching! Take care

  7. hi guys, i was impressed with place on madrid,are beatiful i hope next video is equal incredible

    • Thanks Marco! We are glad you enjoyed our video in Madrid! Cheers! A hug from Cambridge!

  8. It was so nice to see your adventures in Spain ,I like seeing all your videos ,they are great fun.- The tour was similar that I ‘m doing for my friends from Cambridge

    • Hello again Carmen! So your Cambridge friends are visiting you? That’s really nice. I saw Bonnie visited you. I’m sure they won’t complain about the sun and the food 🙂 A big hug from Cambridge! 🙂

    • We’ll try Vanessa! Next destination is Prague so hopefully it won’t be to cold to film a video! Thanks for watching! Take care 🙂