9 thoughts on “Aprende inglés – Halloween vocabulary!

  1. hi. Amigos ingleses. That video like it!!! I watched enough videos, in my opinon is the best.
    Greetings from Costa Rica. you should visit my country, because my spanish friends have told me…”I need to visit again”!!!

    • Hi Napoleón, thanks for watching! we’d love to visit Costa Rica one day! 😉

      • I hope yes!!! When you will come here. You must leave me know, because you are my guests.😊

  2. I loved the video halloween, especially the end, thanks for lessons.

  3. hahahaha You guys are the best! I have learned a lot from you! Never change please haha, regards from Mexico City!

  4. HAHAHA!!!!

    I love your videos, they are great fun.
    Continue on this path, don’t ever change. Stay the way you are.


  5. wowwwwww guys! you make laugh so much!! your videas are amazing!! thank you for teach us in a funny way!!!
    regards!!!!! ANABEL, ARGENTINA!