13 thoughts on “Aprende inglés – Plurales irregulares

  1. Hi! Isabel. my name is José Doroteo Silva I´m an English teacher from Nicaragua and I want to tell you thank for your help with your videos that you are sending me. because I’m using these as a support material to my students, These videos are marabilloso. thanks for helping with these videos to all teachers that who have no Visual materials

  2. Your vídeos are so fun and I learn a lot Thanks for them Isabel and Philip. But I don’t know Where to make homeworks

  3. [email protected] on said:

    Hi guys!

    Here my examples:

    At the beginning of the year I start for buying a sheep, now, nearly the end, I have a herd of 20 sheep.

    My cat has just caught a mouse. Unfortunately, It’s only one of hundreds mice there are in this old house…

    One of my tooth broke by playing football.
    I’m seeing a stain on one of your teeth. You’d better to brush them regularly.

    The little child decided to play where many children were.


    • Wow Maria, I see that you are taking this seriously. Keep it up! Well done 🙂 A big hug from Cambridge!

  4. Hi,
    I am a father a bit worried because my daughter (13 years old) wants to learn English but she never has free time, she says!!! Grrr…. I´d like to follow your advise as I am sure you have it, so that I can convince her to watch some of your videos and then she would become your follower instead of chating with her friends the whole evening, after to make her homeworks.

    Thanks a lot for your kind reply.

    • Hello Crisant!

      I know what you mean! The problem is that your daughter probably sees English as one more boring subject that they teach you at school that you never use at all and you forget in the end. She needs to put it in to practice and see how useful it is and how amazing it feels to be able to communicate in a different language.

      I recommend you to play English music to her, like The Beatles, etc, you can both try to understand the meaning of the songs, etc. But what I highly recommend is to send her for a month to a foreign country where she can practice and learn English. There are some families that accommodate students and they can’t get into the culture and get a full immersion in the language as they won’t be able to communicate in Spanish.

      Well I hope this has been of some help! Please ask her to watch some of our videos! We could even say hello to her in the next one if she likes it! 🙂

      Regards to you and your daughter from Cambridge.


      • Hi Isabel,

        Many thanks for your comments. And of course, when she turns 14-16 (better 21 jejeje) years old, it was already in my mind to send her for some weeks to Uk or Ireland. ..
        Take care and get in touch!


  5. Hi guys! thanks for another funny video. I enjoy learning with each one of your videos. I want to hear of difference in pronunciation of words.. potty and party. Greetings!

  6. Hi.congratulations. you’re doing a great job.I enjoy watching your videos a lot. could you make a video where you explain the difference between to and for. i came here to study english, this one is correct. and i came here for studying english is incorrect. how can i know when use for and to?. what about the word fishes does it exist? Thanks very much. very good vibe.

    • Hi Harold! We will try to make that video! I think it’s a good idea. Fish is an irregular plural noun as well. You can’t say fishes. 1 fish, 2 fish