12 thoughts on “Aprende inglés online – Pronunciación de las Vocales

  1. Jamas me habian explicado tan bien los diferentes sonidos para las vocales. Estoy encantada de haberos encontrado. Gracias!!!

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  3. Lovely and superb way of explaining something hard in a friendly and funny way. Very useful indeed. Thank you

  4. Muchas gracias, yo no tengo nivel, y con vosotros estoy aprendiendo y entendiendo.
    Gracias, gracias,…

  5. Very good lesson of phonetic. I’ve never understood English vowels as clear as today. IMHO, that is the best phonetic lesson I’ve ever seen, for real.
    Thank you both!
    PS – Sorry Phillip for my grammatical mistakes. I’ve got just a pre-intermediate level and right now studying to get FCE Cambridge test (but here in Spain).

  6. Pronunciation is very important, so thank you very much for your interesting classes.