7 thoughts on “10 palabras que pronuncias mal en inglés

  1. Some other words that Spanish speakers usually pronounce incorrectly are: confortable (as the spelling is the same as in Spanish, it’s very confusing), half (we usually pronounce the L), and company (the O is commonly pronounced as a Spanish O, like in “compañía”). Thanks for the video! Helps a lot!

  2. I had a problem with “advantages” and “disadvantages” in my last English exam, Thank you for the video!

  3. thanks guys!!! Isabel I don’t know why all girls love biscuits???, hahahaha, I understand you a lot haahaha

  4. Another words some people pronounce incorrectly are CHOCOLATE, CLIMATE, PRIVATE. It also exist MINUTE that means very small and its pronunciation is different.

    • Thanks for the other words Mauricio! We’ll include them in a future video. Yes you’re right “minute” can be pronounced like “mynewt” meaning very small. I forgot to mention that in the video. Well done for remembering that! 🙂