17 thoughts on “Phrasal verbs con Look – Aprende inglés online

  1. Hi Phillip and Isabel.
    I´m new in this webpage and I really like it, I find it very useful.
    I´m looking forward to learning a lot with you two while I´m looking for a new job in Spain.
    I look up to those people who has encourage to go abroad to find a job far away from the family and friends.
    Thanks a lot for the teaching!

    • Thanks for watching Rosa! Good examples! Good luck finding a job! 🙂

  2. Your english teaching are very useful for me, they give me more confident, and i enjoy speacking english.

  3. Thanks Phillip & Isabel, you’re excellent teacher. I have learned a lot with your videos,
    Now I’ll do the homework…..I’m looking forward to visiting English countries in order to improve my English and I look up to my mother because she is a wise woman.
    Greetings from Barranquilla, Colombia.

    • Thanks for watching Susan. Your homework is correct. 🙂 Best wishes from Cambridge?

  4. very good video,I encourage you to follow like that.We are learning alot with these excellent videos.Thank you very much.

  5. Thank you guys thank youuuuu!!! I love phrasal verbs, they are my favorites!!! greetings from Argentina!!

    • Sure!, everyone saw Phillip and the fly, hahaha. Well, you are fun guys, thanks for every video. Phrasal verbs is a never ending topic the same as collocations. I like your role Isabel, because you clarify my second thoughts. I enjoy when you speak in Spanish and immediately Philip translates from Spanish into English. Greetings from Perú.

      • Hello Marita! Your English is really good! Thank you for your nice comment! We would love to go to Perú soon! Take care!