9 thoughts on “10 palabras que pronuncias mal en inglés

  1. me estoy enterando que existen. muy bien. realmente ayuda mucho. saludos.

  2. Jajajaja I’d never watched a video of you and this is gonna kill me because I’ve had a lot of those mistakes (and many others :'( ) Many of us don’t even know about of the real pronunciation 🙁 but i’m gonna watch the other videos because i think it’s gonna be good

  3. Excelente sitio, muchas felicidades… sin duda me no se me olvidara que no se dice “fathers”… me queda en mi memoria ROM. Compartire esto con mi maestro de ingles. Estare aprendiendo simpre de estos videos… mil gracias…

  4. Hello!!! im From Mexico, and thanks for your help guys! my genre is male greetings!!!

  5. I love this genere of videos, they are pretty educational and really fun, with them I can understand how difficult is the English pronunciation. Thanks for your help and your tips on how we can improve our English.