8 thoughts on “10 interesting facts about Cambridge – Aprende inglés online

  1. the outfield band were my first english teachers by following their lyrics!!!!

  2. Yo soy de Chile, vivo en la localidad de Paine, que queda a 45km de Santiago. Es una ciudad eminentemente agrícola, con muchas actividades folkloricas y típicas del país. Exquisita gastronomía, muchas frutas y productos frescos.
    Gracias por el video, me ha servido mucho.

  3. Hello Isabel and Phillip,

    My city is near from Barcelona, about 50 km, in the heart of Catalonia. There are many interesting things: the Mercadal, a beatiful big square; a Roman temple, from Emperor August; a very large bell tower of the St. Peter’s cathedral; and many and many bea

    • (Sorry the missage is cut) beatifull things to see and to do… We have more pigs than people, and we are very famous because the delicious long pork sausage (llonganissa de Vic). In the summer I like going for a walk while I am eating a ice cream.

      Oh sorry, my city is Vic.

      See you later!!

  4. I’m from mexico, “León” My city is the world’s capitol of shoes and leather clothing.
    We have 2 typical dishes called as animals. Don’t worry, Any animal wasn’t hurted in the preparation. The dishes are “Bear’s soup” and “Macaw” (A pork was hurted to prepare the “macaw” dish.

  5. very interesting…i enjoyed this…and i liked Isabels yawn at the end! xx