Como usar “GET” en inglés

In this video we’re going to learn about the verb “get” which is a very useful verb in English and which you will hear a lot if you travel to an English speaking country.

“Get” is often used as a substitute for other verbs like…

  • become – My English is getting better every day.
  • buy – Can you get some milk?
  • obtain – Let’s get some petrol.
  • bring – Can you get me my glasses?
  • receive – I got a dog for Christmas.
  • catch  Let’s get the train.
  • arrive – Call me when you get there.
  • understand – I don’t get it!
  • persuade – I got my brother to lend me £20.
  • touch emotionally – That film really got me.

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21 thoughts on “Como usar “GET” en inglés

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  2. En México decimos tomar el micro, camión, combi, taxi, etc., thank you for your video!!

  3. Excelente, he aprendido mucho de ustedes, :). Gracias es el mejor curso para nada aburrido. Saludos

  4. En Colombia decimos también coger el autobús o tomar el autobús, creo que en México es algo análogo, dicen tomar el autobús.

  5. ¡Hello Guys!

    I like the video, the information is very useful and you’re so funny. Thank you.

    On the other hand, I want to answer your question about the correct use of “coger”. I’m from Colombia and here we also use the word “coger” to means “catch or get” as in Spain, but in Mexico people say “agarrar el autobús or tomar el autobús” which mean “get the bus”.

    Bye and I hope you’ve got the short explanation.

  6. I want to express my gratitude for your videos but this verb is certenly complicated to get it I want to ask you¿is there not some another simpler way to get this verb?. Thank you.

  7. Muy buenos e interesantes vídeos y unas personas muy bellas. Hacéis muy facil el aprendizaje. Seguid así estéis donde estéis.