6 thoughts on “10 palabras que pronuncias mal en inglés

  1. I love these kind of videos about pronunciation. It helps us a lot. Besides, Isabel & Phillip know very well what are the weak points of the spanish-speaking. Thank you!

  2. Very useful as always, it’s good to remind this words from time to time.- You look very happy in Barcelona

    • We are Carmen! How can you not be happy when it’s sunny everyday and you can eat jamón whenever you like? 🙂

  3. Hello!!! How are you!?… I hope you are well .. ok your video was very useful for my! thanks!! maybe the words more difficult for me are: through, thought, haha

  4. Hola,
    Llevo tiempo viendo sus videos y me ha parecido que debía empezar a dejar algún comentario. Este video me ha servido para mejorar la pronunciación de mountain and lettuce puesto que decía /máuntein/ and /léttas/ y a partir de ahora sonará mejor.
    Fernando (Zaragoza)