16 thoughts on “10 Expresiones Útiles con ‘GET” en inglés

  1. Hello Phillip and Isabel, I am venezuelan, nice videos , I learned new words with your videos. I like English so much but I can not speak well and fast. I just learning English.
    Thank you.

  2. Hello my frends !! muy buenos todos los videos. Siempre tengo una duda y espero
    que me la puedan quitar,es sobre los diferentes usos de ” just “.
    Thanks !!!!

  3. hi amazing parejita,I,m a mami and I have almost 43 years old but I conect with your way of teach. You aré very naturales y espontáneos. Me encantan vuestros vídeos y a mi hija de 9 también,muchas felicidades !!

  4. It might be more useful if they put the sentences at the end to practice pronunciation. Very good video, thank you.

  5. Hello Isabel and Phillip, I want to learn English, I’ve been seeing every video and I’ve been practicing a bit. You are amazing and friendly. Great video, thanks a lot.

  6. Thanks guys ,very interesting video but very difficult to remenber and use it

  7. Hello Isabel! Hello Phillip! I got the impression your neighbour´s dog is really getting on your nerves! Lol.Very funny videos,many thanks! 😉

  8. Hello.. I need more videos with idiomatic expressions pleaseee!! 🙂 🙂 we love you jaja–