12 thoughts on “Trip to Paris!

  1. I love your videos! The weather wasn´t very happy but You did a great work! Congratulations!

  2. Hi! I’m Alfonso, from Cádiz.
    Amazing work! Really fantastic! Thank you for letting to learn so much things about english. Please, go on forever. We need you.

    Until here, nothing is new in my comments but I want to say another more pretty thing:
    When you look each other you seem so in love that I think there is a very good for you. It’s “I thought I’d seen everything”, by Bryan Adams. Listen it and you will see. 😉

  3. hello, isabel and philli, i am from spain (Granada) and i like your videos a lot. you are fantastic. bye.

  4. I’m a really fan of you! You’re a great teacher I enjoy watching your videos I’ve learnt as much with your useful words. blessing!