23 thoughts on “Cómo Usar Gerunds + Infinitives en inglés

  1. Hi mates! I like watching you at night on Sundays. You’re the best.

  2. Hi guys we (me and my sister) are from Brazil, and we came to Sheffield and we are learning a lot with Amigos Ingleses! 🙂
    Thank u very much for making these videos. ;D

  3. Amigos… Cristal clear but a lot of words and rules to memorize. I will never give up…


  4. hi guys!!! my name is lorena and im from argentina!!!! this page is the best … phillip you´re so funny. i learned so much. thanks for sharing your knowledge. i will go to london in november… i need to learn to speak better jajaja
    kisses guys

  5. In English!! Thank you for yours clases. Im from Argentina.
    I am learning everyday whith you.

  6. Thanks for this video and Is it correct to say: I like studying english with you?

  7. Thanks for help me.
    Your’re in perfect line with this explanation

  8. I really love your videos and i’d like that you do a vídeo about to The passive voice pls.