Inglés en la calle – excuses for being late

Hello friends! We hope you are all punctual people, however, in case you ever need to make an excuse for being late, in this video we teach a few expressions that native speakers frequently use. We hope you enjoy the video. Don’t miss the end!

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18 thoughts on “Inglés en la calle – excuses for being late

  1. Hi friends😄. I laght a lot with your vídeos!!You can say others excuses liKe: – The police stoped me in a road control and I must wait a lot time…😜
    See you by internet
    Mon from Empuriabrava

  2. Excellent I like me your page and I had been recommend all my friends. My english is very basic .
    The manners like explain is fantastic .

  3. Some other common excuses could be:

    My car broke down
    The babysitter was late
    My mother called me when I was ready to leave
    I was watching some videos from “Amigos ingleses” and the time flew 😛

  4. i will recomend this site and videos to my classmates from my english school. greetings from el salvador and thanks for help.

  5. Hi Isabel and Phillip. I really appreciate your vídeos, this one is very useful. In this moment I remember a common excuse: I be late because I did not find car park. Greetings from México.

  6. I enjoyed with this video. It’s very useful for day to day. Regards from Jerez.

  7. I thought you were going to use : “Sorry I’m late! I completely lost track of time!” I think I ‘ve used this one my whole life!

    • Oh yes that’s a good one Isidro! We should have put that in the video! 🙂

  8. I’m learning english and your videos are very helpfull. These are very good excuses and “the traffic was terrible” is the most common in my city. Thanks a lot.