9 thoughts on “CUT OFF – English Phrasal Verbs

  1. Hello my preffered teachers in internet. I would like to know if “to cut off” is correct in ” I took the decision of to cut all my legitimate heirs when I pass away”.
    Thank you so much by your excellent videos.
    Rosalino Rita

    • Hi Rosalino, in your sentence it means to not give them any inheritance after dying. Thanks for watching! 😉

  2. My line cut off when I was going through the tunnel. Is that correct? Thanks for your highly useful videos. I always learn something different every day thanks to you both.

    • Hi there!!!
      I’m a fan of you both, I love your videos which I consider greatly useful and help me a lot to improve my English.
      I’d like to know if I might use the following expressions or they’re wrong:
      -Sorry, I don’t have a good internet connection!!! The call cuts off!!! I’ll call you later
      (As we are using whatsapp and skype to phone our friends and those calls are being made by a internet connection.)
      -it’s been cut the electricity at home.

      And Thank you so much for your summer offer!!!!!! I’ll Take advantage of it!!!!!!

  3. Hi there!
    Thanks again for our new video lesson. Really useful, as always.
    BTW, can I say?:
    My SKY net is cutting off very often so I am thinking about some changes.
    Thanks in advance,