Special Announcement!

Diálogos en inglés ART!Hello everyone! We have a very special announcement!


Yes that’s right, it’s back! (¡Ha vuelto!)

After 2 and a half years we have finally got the chance to record some more podcasts and we’re really excited about it.

AND we want you to get involved! 

In the first episode we’re going to do a Q&A (Questions & Answers) session so if you have a question about English, write it in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer it in the first episode!

Also if you have any ideas for future episode topics that you would like us to talk about, tell us in the comments below and we’ll see what we can do!

UPDATE: We’ve recorded the 21st podcast. You can listen to it HERE

Write your questions and ideas here!


14 thoughts on “Special Announcement!

  1. Hello guys! Could yo explain hot to use “at all” and “whatsoever”. I think I know how to use them in negative but not in affirmative. Thanks

  2. Hi guys, I want to know the difference between British english and American english. Could you explain that? please, also my thing more difficult to learn the phrasal verbs!!
    Thank you very much or thank you so much? hahah

  3. Hi guys! I’ve been practicing English with a friend from the North East of England through Skype for a while and last night we were discussing about the Spanish and British funerals. I know it’s not a nice subject but I think it would be helpful a video speaking about the main differences and how to behave yourself in case we have to go to a British funeral. Fingers crossed we won’t

    • Oh my goodness, I don’t think we would like to talk about this Anabel. Unfortunately I went to a funeral during my time in UK for one of my work colleagues and I can say that it was very sad as it was very personalised, there were speaches from her family members and they even played her favourite Bob Marley song at the end. I have never seen anything like that in Spain. This is as much as I can tell you. I touch wood so that we don’t have to attend any funerals neither in Spain or England. Take care. Isabel

  4. Hi teachers, I Like your videos and I want to improve my English. Regards

  5. When I want to talk about my pets (cat, dog), should I use “it” instead of “he” or “she” ? Why? Please! It’s something I’ve never understood 😁 thank you guys

    • Yeah Luciana you can use he or she in this case! Your pets are almost like your family, so you should not call them ‘it’ 🙂

  6. Hello Guys! First of all, Thank you very much. I’m on the road to the IELTS test and you have helped me a lot since I started watching all your tutorials 1 year ago. I would like propose an idea for the next podcasts: There is a web page named http://vocaroo.com/ where people could record their speeches online and for free, proceeding to either share it in the social networks or download it. I was thinking that, may be you could ask people to record themselves asking any doubts, share their records links on your facebook or twitter page and after you could add the best recorded questions on the next Q&A podcasts. Something like an experiment hahaha. Regards from Barcelona, Venezuela.

  7. I want to know as say want to enter this money when you go to the bank.

  8. Hi! Could you explain The difference between “be afraid/frightened/scared”. I don’t really know when to use each one.