21 – Nueva Vida en Barcelona – Diálogos en inglés

In this episode we talk about:

    • BarcelonaThe latest Amigos Ingleses news
    • Our journey to Barcelona
    • A very scary experience
    • An amazing Thai experience
    • Cool British English
    • Your English language questions
    • A cool website for SPEAKING! iTalki

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52 thoughts on “21 – Nueva Vida en Barcelona – Diálogos en inglés

  1. No consigo dónde descargar la transcripción de ese audio. ¿Por dónde lo descargo?

  2. Me encantan la manera en que enseñan inglés. 🙂
    Pero no puedo escuchar el Podcast 18, siempre me manda a la tienda. 🙁

  3. Hi guys!

    Where can I find the transcriptions of the last audios?

    You do an amazing work! The best site to improve english day by day, no doubt! Thank you for all 😀

    • Hi Marcos, they are being written now and should be available soon. Thanks for listening! 😉

  4. hello I would like to learn English but I need to practice because I’m in basic level also my goal is work on board(cruise) I don’t have social network only email and whats app …God bless you

  5. Congratulations. It’s a great idea about podcast and very util. Thank you British Friends. Really very good.

  6. Hi Amigos Ingleses 😀

    Many thanks for podcast 21!! Really enjoyed listening to it whilst cooking.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying your new life in Barcelona 🙂 What scary experience the attempted theft night :-SS!! I laughed when I heard the burglar was wearing flip flops XD!! Yes, it didn’t sounded like He/She was very bright.

    Thank you to Vero for asking about the bank. Like her, I wasn’t sure what to say when I wanted to deposit or to withdraw money to/from an account.

    Congratulations for your success!! 😀 It seems like yesterday when I discovered you, it was just one month after your first podcast. I didn’t realise that 3 years have passed since then!!

    ¡Saludos a los dos!


  7. Good podcast! I liked very much.
    I am looking forward to hear the next podcast.

  8. Great my dear friend I think podcats are good for me!..thanks so much!

  9. You’re the most useful and funny way for learning english…no doubt! A big hug for us,more videos please and always with humor…

  10. English Hello friends, I am grateful to you, because I see from your videos, I managed to learn a lot.

    Vosotros sois geniales

  11. Hello friends, I am grateful to you, because I see from your videos, I managed to learn a lot.

    Vosotros sois geniales

  12. I’m good at understanding english, but not so well at speaking it. I can’t speak automatically. What would you recomend?

    PS: I can’t go to an anglo-saxon country, and I don’t know anyone to talk with.

    • Hi Alejandro! You need a language exchange partner to practise SPEAKING! Check out iTalki. There are lots of students just like you who would love to practise speaking. It’s free! (If you want a professional teacher then obviously you have to pay.) Add me as a friend.;)

  13. I’m slighted with your videos! I always learn something new. Thanks a lot

  14. I am learning from your videos but I a need to speak more and know more about grammar. recommend me a free web page to improve and have more security when talking about?

    • Hi Lily, as we mentioned in the podcast iTalki is a great place to meet native teachers. But You can find lots of people to chat with and practise English for free. Check it out and add me as a friend! 😉

  15. I’m sudent of foreign language and I think that their videos are excellent becuase I can practice my english…..

  16. HEY YOU GUYS! I love your videos! I’m an English teacher myself and your videos are the perfect tool for my students to practice English home.

    • Hey Checo! Thanks for your comment! We’re happy to hear that you find our materials useful. 😉

      • Don’t stop posting videos and podcasts. I’m a BIG FAN!

    • Very nice way of learning english, I really enjoy it !! Thank you !!!

  17. En mi huilde opinión, es un poco decepcionante no poder consultar cómo se escriben palabras y expresiones. Los vídeos sí permiten eso. Comprendo vuestras razones pero es una pena que los podcasts impidan eso. Ralentiza el aprendizaje, a mi juicio.

    • A worksheet will be available soon Alfonso. With the worksheet you can read and listen at the same time. If you have any questions about the vocabulary I’d be happy to help you. 😉

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  19. I love, because i can do another things while i am leastening. Thanks.

    • It’s a great way to learn while you do other things! Thanks for the comment Sonia! Take care 🙂