23 – Ser Feliz – Diálogos en inglés

23 - Ser Feliz - Diálogos en inglés

In this episode:

    • A cool website for SPEAKING! iTalki
    • We SING a song
    • Pessimistic quotes
    • Some of our top tips for being happy
    • We read your comments about what makes you happy.
    • We learn some EXPRESSIONS related to happiness!

¿No has entendido todo? Smash your English with our worksheets!

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14 thoughts on “23 – Ser Feliz – Diálogos en inglés

  1. Hi, I have been studying english for two years because I am so happy, I have learned a lot with you I hope as soon as go to Europa and make my really dream. Rodrigo. –

  2. Hi guys! thank you so much for your work. I’m living in Birmingham since May. I love the city but the english accent is a little difficult jejeje. I hope to improve my level because my goal is to approve the FCE! Your english classes give me a lot motivation! Thank you again!

  3. Hi Phillip an Isabel, thanks a lot, your podcasts are perfect in all senses, contains, lenghty, topics…it’s a pleasure listening to you. By the way, you could form a duo😜. Love from Donosti

  4. I really enjoy all the stuff you offer us to all the comunity to want to improve our English. A very useful material, please never stop. Greetings from Huajuapan, Oaxaca. Mexico.

  5. I’m happy from time to time but with you, are always happy because I’m improving a
    lot my English 😳 I’ envy but happy with my friend’s happy. Take that !😄😄😄 ,is true you must enjoy a very little moment. By the way , porridge is disgusting ! But I agree whith you ,learning something new is one of the best thing every single day. By guys you are so interesting, and your classes very funny. The podcast are great !!!!. Thank you friends

    • Hi Carmen! Yes porridge is disgusting but it’s very good for you. If you don’t like it you can put some honey on top to make it taste sweeter. Thanks for commenting and listening! 😉

  6. One important goal for me is to do the Cambridge Exam (CAE) next year and hopefully get a really good note!! Thank you for your podcasts and videos, they’ve helped me a lot.
    Love from Yucatán, México 😀

    • Hi Tere! That’s a difficult exam but I’m sure you can get a really good score if you give it 100%. Thanks for your comment and good luck!

  7. I had a laugh therapy just listening to you guys!!!! Thank so much.

  8. Hey guys!

    I just wanna say thank you very much for these 3 podcast you’ve recorded. I really enjoy listening to you guys! You are very funny! And what I noticed is that Phillip improved his Spanish !! That’s amazing !! And it makes me think that the more you practice, the better you will be at.
    Best regards from Mexico City!

    • Thanks Julio, we’re happy to hear that you like our podcasts. Yes I’ll never stop learning Spanish. As with any language, there is always more to learn!