25 – Historias de Nueva York – Diálogos en inglés

Amigos Ingleses

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In this episode:

  • A cool website for SPEAKING! iTalki
  • We talk about the Humans of New York website.
  • We describe some photos of New Yorkers.
  • We tell you their stories and advice.
  • We read some comments.
  • We learn some vocabulary and expressions.
  • Isabel tells us about her close encounter with death!
  • Phillip talks about his travels around Europe.

Mira las fotos de las historias mientras escuchas el podcast:



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14 thoughts on “25 – Historias de Nueva York – Diálogos en inglés

  1. it was amazing thanks a lot! i’m having exams the next week and i have to describe photos

  2. was and incredible podcast thank you for share this type of stories

  3. Really great podcast and very thankful with you, because is another funny way to learn more great english, I’m very, very thankful

  4. Me encanta cada vez es mas interesante escucharlos, gracias chicos sigan adelante, por que con ustedes estoy aprendiendo mucho : ) un caluroso abrazo desde El Salvador.

  5. Amazing podcast as always guys. I don’t remember any interesting story of my life to share there but I think I’ll enjoy leafing through this website Humans of New York. Thanks a lot

  6. Thank you so much for rediscover me that learning English can be so fun.
    Best English teachers I’ve never had. Eternally thankful.
    Best wishes 🙂

  7. Fantastic!
    A week ago I went to NY and I fell in love with the big apple.
    Let’s going to listen what you have 🙂