26 – Trampas para turistas – Diálogos en inglés

trampas para turistas

In this episode:

    • A cool website for SPEAKING! iTalki
    • 10 tourist scams from around the world.
    • Phillip tells us how he was scammed in Madrid.
    • Isabel tells us about Taxi scams.

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5 thoughts on “26 – Trampas para turistas – Diálogos en inglés

  1. First of all, I have to say that I’m grateful for your work because I can understand almost everything you say haha
    I have been a lucky man about the street scams wherever I traveled because I have never suffer this, for now. I’ve always trayed to be careful.
    Regards from Murcia!

  2. Hi Amigos Ingleses! this topic is very interesting! I believe it’s important to be aware for your stuff when you’re traveling. Fortunately I haven’t have a bad experience yet, however I’m very carefully about the information I give to strangers or keep an eye on my bag or make sure about address just to avoid to fall in whatever of the situations that you explained us. I’m from Colombia and I’ve heard of those scams very often. The general advise is don’t be trustful with everyone!

  3. Card-sharpers are ver y common all over the world! I can’t understand how people fall for their scams! It’s obvious that what they are doing it’s false!

  4. Hello Amigos Ingleses, I’m Facundo from Argentina, you have right about the tricky from my country haha! …let me suggest to watch “9 Reinas” (Nine Queens) a movie about a lot of typicals “streets scams” from here. Best wishes.