Healthy lunch

Make this lovely salad, eat healthy and learn some new words!

Can you spot all the ingredients that we used? We’re sure you will know the Spanish names for them, but what about the English ones?

After drinking and eating a lot during the weekend we decided to have a light lunch, so we went to the fruit & veg shop and the bakery to get these amazing ingredients!
We even made a really colourful juice!It was as tasty and yummy as it looks!


So did you know how to say these foods in English?: 

  • Anacardos: cashew nuts.
  • Atún: tuna.
  • Avellanas: hazelnuts.
  • Zumo de remolacha: beetroot juice.
  • Pan integral: wholemeal bread.

Try it at home and let us know how it goes!

We hope you find it useful!

Feel free to share it or leave us a comment with some suggestions for other vocabulary that you want to learn. 🙂

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