Choosing a Christmas Tree

En este video vamos al mercadillo navideño en Barcelona y aprendemos vocabulario en inglés por el camino. Don’t forget to watch our other Christmas videos for more vocabulary and for some singing 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Choosing a Christmas Tree

  1. Very lovely video guys and lovely Christmas tree!! You transmit so good feeling..I’m going to get my tree right now. Merry Christmas from Donosti 😉

  2. HI, Thanks for the best English teaching video I have ever seen ,because it it was made with real feeling and wonderful Christmas spirit and the best real actors expressing your love. I live in North Vancouver Canada and I miss the Christmas celebration that you have in Spain and we have in Hispanoamerica ,here it is not bad ,but anyway I miss my Navidades. Thanks for the new words there were some that didn’t know as ( packed ) in Canada is commun say crowded, it is nice to know more synonyms. Alright Merry Christmas for your and your loves one, I will be looking for you to enroll me in a course and improve my English.

  3. If you both wish to have a kitten, adopt never buy, there are many many kittens waiting for a forever home.
    Thank you for the videos, I always enjoy them.

  4. Gracias amigos ingleses! Hermoso vídeo y, como siempre, muy instructivo.
    Feliz Navidad para ustedes, son muy lindos y simpáticos.
    El próximo se los escribo en inglés. I promise.


  5. lovely Christmas video…I’m feeling all Christmasy now..Merry Christmas..xx