34 – From Spain to the UK – Diálogos en inglés


In this episode …

    • A cool website for SPEAKING! iTalki
    • We answer an email from Ana.
    • Why we decided to move to England.
    • What you need to do before looking for a job.
    • The best places to live.
    • The cost of living.
    • Finding a job.
    • Isabel’s first job in the UK.

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5 thoughts on “34 – From Spain to the UK – Diálogos en inglés

  1. Este audio me ha parecido uno de los mas completos y con mas informacon para compartir con los oyentes como yo..os llelvo siguiendo por youtube desde hace mas de un ano y me pareceis de los mejores por internet enseñando y ofreciendo un modo de aprender y escuchar contenidos muy interesantes..seguid asi y os doy las gracias por vuestros videos y audios. Un saludo.nuria

    • Oh wow! Thanks Nuria. Your comment has made my day! I’m going to tell Isabel what you said. See you soon! 😉

  2. I’m trying to learn English since a month. I don’t go to Language schools so I’m searching videos on YouTube, I’m writing little texts on italki and I’m searching a lenguage exchange partner to practice and improve my speaking, but since I found your videos, podcasts, web, etc. I think the learning process will be easier.
    I really like your work. Thank you!

  3. I Guys, I don´t Listen that podcast yet but…. Do You return to U.K. one more time? really? Or that is only a review.

    Thanks a lot for your great job

  4. I liked it. So you recommend small cities?? I didn’t know that find a job could be hard in London. Maybe one day I could travell to Cambrige. If I do that…I’ll visit you guys. Saludos desde Venezuela 😉 son increibles, me gusta mas el ingles por ustedes jajajaja