Aquí os dejamos vocabulario para los más fiesteros.

party vocabulary                                             Drawing by artist Yelena Bryksenkova

So how to say in English that you enjoyed the party?

“I really enjoyed myself at the party last night.”

“I had a great time … (at the party)”

“I had a fantastic time … (at the party)”

“The party was brilliant

“I had the best night ever last night!”

“I had a ball at Emma’s birthday party!”

“We had a good old knees-up at the party.” (“Knees-up” es una expresión que significa bailar.)

Idioms and expressions

To party hard = ser muy fiestero.

“They party hard every weekend.”

To be a party animal = ser muy muy pero que muy fiestero.

“My friend Tony is a party animal, he goes out every weekend till the sun comes out.”

To let your hair down = soltarte la melena.

“I’m going to let my hair down tonight, I’ve studied really hard during the last weeks .”

To stay up all night = no irse a la cama hasta por la mañana.

“They went out on Saturday and stayed up all night.”

Life and soul of the party= ser el alma de la fiesta.

“It’s a pity Mary is not coming, she’s the life and soul of the party.”

I’m up for a laugh = con ganas de disfrutar y pasarlo bien.

“Let’s have a fancy dress party, I’m up for a laugh”

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