9 thoughts on “Vocabulario: BODY – Clase de inglés

  1. Thank you very much😄, funny😂😂😂 and interesting👍. I watch your videos sometimes ,when I have free time and I am improving.This weekend I met a friend that is English ,from Newtcastle ,and she told me- Monika, your English is better,wow, call me a day for a coffee and we can talk.
    ( the accent of This girld is easy understand,too).Yesterday I recive a visit from a client from check republic, and we spent some hours speaking English and she told me the same. I feel happy but I know that I must learn more and more. When I speak sometimes I I don’t find the correct work or correct sentence, but at the end people can understand me and
    This is great😄🐾. Thank you amigosingleses.com👍😊

    • Wow that’s amazing Monika! So you can even recognize different accents! Well done! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Nice video ^.^ please make one about vocabulary you use when you go to the doctor or you’re feeling ill 😉