8 thoughts on “38 – Invitados para Comer – Diálogos en inglés

  1. You are really funny. When a have some guess to have lunch, I enjoy it because I love cooking

  2. Hi friends, I have some guests sometimes, but it can be stressed…If they aré friends sometimes we buy some food in the japanisse restaurant and we eat in our house.
    When The guests aré not friends it can be very stressed.I normaly don’t eat so much in these situations. I remenber a day when my husband told me that he wanted invite a important man and the favourite meal was ” bacalao”. I’m a normal cooker, I Cook simple meals. Bacalao is not a plate that I cook normaly.So I watched some tutoriales by youtube to learn a little about this fish. I was cooking bacalao from a week until the day of the apointment with the guests… My daughter was very bored with the same meal, but cook this meal and cook it well was very important for my husband. At the end it was a succesful and the relashionship with the guests was very good .
    Very fun your “diálogo “, thank you 👍😄

    • Thanks for your story Mon. We’re glad that the cod turned out well for your guest. Isabel and I are average cooks too. But I think I cook better than Isabel. She is improving though and she makes lovely cakes. 😉

    • Hi Joey from California. What a surprise to meet you the other day. I’d love to go for a beer. I’ve just sent you an email. 😉

  3. I had so much fun with this podcast!! 😀
    I remember when I cooked some spaghetti for New Year’s Eve dinner… and it was… well… tolerable hahahaha. Cooking for your guests can be really hard. Anyway, happy birthday Isabel! 🙂