40 – Diálogos en inglés – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

In this episode …

    • A cool website for SPEAKING! iTalki
    • We listen to some of the best advice from Steve Jobs.
    • We discuss his famous quotes and what they mean.
    • Isabel sings for us.

This is the end of Season 2 podcasts!

Do you remember everything that you’ve learnt? Tienes todo el contenido en nuestras worksheets.

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20 thoughts on “40 – Diálogos en inglés – Steve Jobs

  1. Hello, where can I read this podcast? thanks for you attention.

    • Hi Marco, the worksheets and transcripts will be available very soon in our shop for a very good price of course! 😉

  2. Hi Isabel y Phillip, saludos desde Paraguay… es muy divertido escucharles!

  3. Hola Isabel y Phillip! Os escucho desde hace aproximadamente 2 meses. Os encontré buscando podcasts sobre algo que no tenía nada que ver con el inglés y vi uno de vuestros podcasts y me encantó. Vivo en Estrasburgo y os escucho normalmente cuando conduzco en el coche. A parte de formar un tándem genial, vuestros episodios son muy amenos y divertidos. Incluso muchas veces, antes de escuchar la radio, me pongo uno de vuestros podcasts y me pasa el rato volando. Continuad así que lo hacéis genial!

      • Gracias Isabel! Ahora puedo escucharlo, no me sale “play” :'( pero gracias por haberlo mandado!
        It was great! Thank you again! and congratulation! 🙂

  4. Hi everyone!
    as always it has been a pleasure listening to you, guys. Great topic and great podcast.
    How about children’s creativity for the next one?😜
    Have a happy week.

  5. What a great podcast!, really interesting, a billion of thanks for you guys. Just one thing, I did not understand what does “drown out” mean?, could you give me some examples? I will appreciate it!

    • Hello Edgar! It means to make it impossible to hear something. Example: the noise from the cars outside drowned out the music.

  6. Empece a dar clases ingles hace casi 3 años. Gracias amigos ingleses ingles practico, straight to the point, brilliant. You two are also verryyyy nice with some of muy students un love with Phillip, ha, ha…

  7. Hello lovely couple!! Congratulations again…I loved it. In my next text, I am going to suggest you some topics for you. I will think about them. I want to be original for you…jajajaja. Have a nice day :::))))

  8. Good podcast,yes,I like it so much, I want to propose you a new podcast about Malala Yousafzay who got the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, it could be interesting.