Vocabulario: Cooking – Clase de inglés – cocinando

Do you know how to cook in English? ¡Para ser un buen chef tienes que ver esta clase de inglés! Vamos a cortar, pelar, freír, cocer, batir… Are you ready? 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Vocabulario: Cooking – Clase de inglés – cocinando

  1. Hi couple, you are very good teacher.
    I want to talk abouth the your videos, it is only my opinion and it is possible not good. Sorry if I desturb you, it not is my intention.
    Why you don’t had the same but in a normaly conversation, like beford?
    Thak’s for your help, you are very helpfull.

  2. Hello lovely couple!! I liked very much this video about food. Fantastic!! As allways. Thank you for your original and funny videos. English is easy with you.

    Have a nice weekend!!