Diferencia entre ‘TRIP, TRAVEL & JOURNEY’ en inglés

Hello there! Thanks for joining us again!

Hoy te enseñamos la diferencia entre “trip”, “travel” y “journey” y hacemos un poco el tonto como de costumbre, para que te sea más fácil digerir la información.

Esperamos que te guste 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Diferencia entre ‘TRIP, TRAVEL & JOURNEY’ en inglés

  1. Thanks! As you menrioned, that is a source of confussion for Spanish learners and your video is really good fun.
    But I have often seen phrases like “…in my travels around the World…”. So travel can also be a noun. In that very case, why say travel and not trip, I Wonder…

  2. Me gusta mucho escucharlos y de paso practico , escucho y aprendo

  3. Thanks a lot my friends, it is an excelent video, hugs from lima and.congratulatios, virginia

  4. I knew the diference between travel and trip but I didn’t know when to use journey. Now it is clear. Thanks a lot!!

  5. hello it is glad to talk with you, i really enjoy the videos, you both are so nice. i would like to know how to say correctly. mensaje, masaje, paciente, paciencia. thank a lot. my best wishes.

    • Hi Gladys! We’re glad to hear you like our videos. Thanks for the video ideas! 😉

  6. hello, i am gladys i really enjoy the videos, i send my regards to you. i would like to know the different pronunciation of . masaje, mensaje,paciente, paciencia. thanks a lot,

  7. Well done.. I need to improve my english.. but I have many problems..

    • Keep going Juan! You need to practise every day! Also, give iTalki a try. They’ve got lots of lovely teachers who could help you with your problems. 😉