45 – Driving


In this episode …

  • A cool website for SPEAKING.
  • Isabel gets stopped by the police
  • We talk about driving tests
  • Isabel tells us about her car accidents
  • We learn some car vocabulary

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11 thoughts on “45 – Driving

  1. Fantastic!!I am learning a lot of English with us.Your videos and postcats are amazing!!Thank you so much for your job.Excellent!Sorry for my mistakes.

  2. Saludos cordiales; Les escribo para hacer una sugerencia, Ustedes pueden hacer Podcas con subtitulos en Ingles.? Me despido agradeciendoles por todas las clases, videos, y podcas de (“AMIGOS EN INGLES·) Muchas gracias, hasta pronto.!

    • Hey Wilfredo! Las transcripciones, ejercicios y vocabulario de season 1 y 2 están disponibles en la tienda con las worksheets. 😉

  3. Why this podcast isn’t available in “Dialogos en Ingles”? I have almost memorized the 44 previous podcast because I listen to them every day, so I was looking forward to receiving a new episode, but I can’t to listen to it on my ipad, why?

    • Hi Rocio, sorry about that. I just checked with my iPad and it seems to be working for me. Are you using an app or this page to listen? 😉

  4. I love your style for teach. Is more like talk with friends. Take and we keep in touch.

  5. As isual, veeeery interesting. I have learned lots of useful, common words I had never thought of, like tailgate (if that is the spelling). You do an excellent job in an entertainig way. A pity, I cannot use it as class material with my teens as these podcasts are too long for them. This is better addressed to young (Or not so young, hahaha) adults who love learning English. Thank you!

    • Thanks for your feedback Pepa. You can always take a 5-minute extract from the audio to use in class with your teens. Perhaps in the future we will create some shorter podcasts and materials for teachers to use in their classes. I think quite a few teachers use our website. PS You spelt ‘tailgate’ correctly. 😉 Good luck with the teens!