46 – The Gym! – Diálogo en inglés

the gym dialogo en inglés

In this episode …

  • A cool website for SPEAKING
  • Isabel joins her local gym
  • We talk about our experiences at the gym
  • We talk about the kind of people you see at the gym
  • We learn some gym vocabulary
  • We give you some tips to stay motivated

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5 thoughts on “46 – The Gym! – Diálogo en inglés

  1. Another great and funny podcast!! Thank you very much Phillip and Isabel!

  2. Another interesting podcast, guys!
    I do not go to a gym but I do agree that exercising makes you feel good. What I do is brisk walking. I walk 5 and a half km in an hour. My advantage is I live 2 min. distance from a wonderful sea promenade, which makes the experience so nice here, in Fuengirola, Málaga.
    Thank you for all the new vocabulary and tips!

    • Hi Pepa! Brisk walking is also a fantastic way to keep in shape. We also enjoy a long walk occasionally. Fuengirola sounds lovely. 😉