Diferencia entre ‘Will’ & ‘Going to’ en inglés

Hello again!

En este video vamos a hablar del futuro 🔮🔮🔮 ¿Sabes cuándo usar “will” y “going to”?

It’s so much easier than you think! Esperamos que después de ver este video no te quede ninguna duda.

¿Quieres llevar nuestras clases en tu pocket?


7 thoughts on “Diferencia entre ‘Will’ & ‘Going to’ en inglés

  1. Hello “Amigos ingleses”, people like you made that the english language will be more funny for beginners like me. Thanks a lot. We’ll follow you.

  2. Hello!! Thank you again for this fantastic video. You are lovely, funny and we learn a lot wih you. I am going to continue recomending to you everyone. I love your videos.
    I agree with Rocio of Málaga abou the topic she is interested in. For me it will be very usefull, too.

    Enjoy these days of mini holidays!!

  3. Hi! I’m Rocio from Malaga I’ve been watching your videos a couple of years ago. I’ve learned a lot thanks to both of you.
    I have a 3 omonths old daughter. I want to learn her English so I usually speak to her in English but sometimes I don’t know the baby vocabulary. You know, words that people use when they want to speak to babies in a sweet way.
    I would like you to help me with new vocabulary related to this.
    Thanks for advance.