10 thoughts on “Clases de inglés por Skype

  1. Hola me llamo Luis me encantaría tener una clase con ustedes me parece muy interesante llevo casi 2 años en Inglaterra y me cuesta mucho aprender el ingles a pesar que me gusta claro que tengo 45 años e asistido a clases de ESOL y academias de ingles etc. etc. y no sé si será eso una barrera para aprenderlo., Tengo Skype, messenger o hotmail bueno estoy libre a partir de las 5 o 6 de la tarde hora de Londres espero una pronta respuesta.

  2. Hello Philips.
    My name is José, and I live in Madrid.
    Is probably of I’ll work in UK, it’s depends of the interview, I will the next week.
    Can you teach me by Skype?
    Thanks you for your answer



  3. Hola que tal!, He encontrado esto. Realmente un buen espacio de ingles verdadero, con frases completas, el lenguaje natural, la dinamica sin tantas reglas gramaticales etc. Me interesa y me apasiona estar aprendiendo cada día más!. Gracias por esto!!. Y claro que me gustaría tener alguna clase con el Teacher Phillip! :). Saludos desde México.

  4. Hi Philip ¡
    First of all, I would like to thank you for this project, it’s very useful for Spanish talkers. also, I’m interested to talk to you by skipe, I would like to improve my Speaking skill with real English. that’s why I ask you if the conversation by skipe will have cost or will be free.


  5. Hola he visto los videos en YouTube y me encantaría aprender con Uds.

  6. Hi Philip,my name is Sara. i´m from Seville(Spain) and i´m studying english every day so i´m trying to improve.I normally talk with people of different countries by skype and in other pages.I also have do a lot of exercises online and i feel i´m improving each day because i don´t stop to practise the oral comunication skiils.Some day i was looking for in google and i found your page and videos in youtube with Isabel and i like so much!!,because i´m learning so much.sorry if i make mistakes,the people say me my english is very good,but i can´t believe it really because i need to correct much things in my vocabulary and my pronuntiation because i´m from Andalucía so the pronuntiation is very complicated for us jijijijij and for this reason i think i could improve and i want that.Thanks so much and i hope we can talk some day by skype!! kisses and a big hug for Isabel and you!!!we talk soon.

  7. Hi Filip and Isabel, i´m Pedro from Barcelona, some weeks before i had an English work interviw, I was loocking for an english interviw on Internet and I found your website. Your video about that help me very much. I have passed my interviw succesfully and i´m going to start working on a month. But now I need improve my English because when I´ll start working I´ll have to speak English with many people and I think I´m not prepare. I need some speaking class so I´m interested on speak with you by skype. I´m loocking for your reply.

    Thank you very much. Best regards;


  8. Hola Philip soy Cristina de Colombia, hoy estuve mirando tu video de entrevista en youtube me parecio genial, te he agregado a mi skype, me gustaria charlar contigo por que necesito entrenamiento en ingles sobre un area especifica primero pero mi meta es estar hablando ingles muy pronto.

  9. hi, I´m very interesting about your classes, how is the way to pay? or when I can call you by skype or facebook?
    i´m waiting for your answer.