Ganadores del mejor blog del año

Estamos encima de la luna como dicen los ingleses

“Thrilled! Ecstatic! Over the moon!”

That’s how we feel!

We won 2 awards and €5,000 at a prestigious event in Madrid and appeared on the front cover of the 20minutos newspaper.

Amigos Ingleses was selected out of 8,300 participants as the best blog 2016 by a panel of judges.

This is a huge achievement and still hasn’t completely sunk in.

We really weren’t expecting to win anything but to come home with 2 trophies is a dream come true for us and has given us a massive boost of motivation and energy to carry on with this project.

But the truth is, we have struggled at times to deal with all the work that comes with running Amigos Ingleses. We’ve sacrificed many hours of our time to make this project the success it is now becoming.

We have burned the midnight oil planning, filming, editing, replying to messages and managing social media. We’ve worked our fingers to the bone!

At times we have asked ourselves: “Is this really worth it?”

Now we feel as though we’ve started a new chapter in the Amigos Ingleses story and the hard work is starting to pay off.

We’re working on some exciting new projects so make sure you stay in touch.

Thanks for all the amazing messages!


Phillip and Isabel.

Estamos encima de la luna como dicen los ingleses