22 thoughts on “Look & Learn!

  1. your videos are very useful, i have some doubts with wish and hope, maybe you can make a video for that, thanks guys you two are amazing!!

  2. Holaa !! Estoy viviendo en Newcastle, e investigando un poco encontré vuestra pagina y cada vez que tengo ocasión le dedico un rato. Me esta ayudando bastante y quería pediros un pequeño favor, podríais ayudarme un poco con el tema de los restaurantes ya que ahora estoy buscando trabajo en ese sector y ando un poco desorientada. Graciass!!! 🙂

    • Hola Sandra! Gracias por tu mensaje. Vaya no tenemos ningún video de inglés para restaurantes, aunque tenemos un podcast (sección de audio) y un video sobre entrevistas de trabajo en inglés (youtube) que te podría ayudar para preparar la entrevista en algún restaurante. Te deseamos mucha suerte. All the best!!!

  3. Hi guys you are the best i always watch your videos, they are very useful for me. i have lernt a lot thanks at you. now i am in Ireland studying English and before to go back my country i am going to barcelona to visit some friends, i´d like meet you!!!

  4. Su trabajo es sencillamente EXCELENTE… Muy educativo… He mejorado mi nivel de ingles con ustedes… Saludos desde Venezuela…

  5. I love your website and videos on youtube , they are very useful for me. Thanks a lot , and i hope that both of you continue making videos , chao

  6. hi I really like your videos, it helps me a lot, I’m from Mexico, I will really appreciate if you upload a video about the differences between either and neither (or, nor) and another video about using would instead of will, could instead of can and might instead of may

  7. Thank you very much for your helpfull. I need to practise a lot because i left English two years ago

  8. Those idioms are very interesting, i had no idea what some of them really mean like “He’s full of beans” i thought it meant “full of beans (food)” at first jejeje >.< so thank you so much for sharing these useful idioms Amigos Ingleses, have a nice day

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